Guide: Core Skills to level up first in Eve Online.

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    I'll be updating this as I go.

    Updating which skills when you're getting started in eve can be difficult, and mind boggling. And don't even think you'll be able to level them all. It would take approx. 21 years to level every skill in eve... so where do we start?

    I've compiled a list of the most useful start skills.. great way to start the game.

    • Cybernetics I (Can Use +3 Implants)
    • Informoph Psychology (+1 Jump Clone Per Level)
    • Power Grid Management V (+25% PG)
    • CPU Management V (+25% CPU)
    • Weapon Upgrades V / Advanced Weapon Upgrades IV (-25% CPU/ -8% PG from weapons)
    • Hull Upgrades V (+25% Armor HP, T2 Armor Tank)
    • Mechanics V (+25% Structure HP)
    • Shield Management IV (+20% Shield HP)
    • Shield Operation IV (-20% Shield Recharge, T2 Shield Booster)
    • Shield Upgrades IV (T2 Shield Extenders/Rechargers/Amplifiers)
    • Tactical Shield Manipulation IV (-20% DMG Bleedthrough, T2 Shield Hardeners)
    • Thermodynamics IV (Can Overload Modules)
    • Capacitor Management IV (+20% Capacitor)
    • Capacitor Systems Operation V (-25% Capacitor Recharge Rate)
    • Navigation V (+25% Ship Speed)
    • Evasive Maneuvering IV (+20% Ship Agility)
    • Jury Rigging III (Install Basic Rigs)
    • Target Management III (+3 Max Targets)
    • Signature Analysis V (+25% Target Speed)
    • Long Range Targeting IV (+20% Targeting Range)
    • Drones V (Can control up to 5 Drones)
    • Scout Drone Operation V, Racial Drone Specialization I (T2 Drones)
    • Drone Interfacing IV (+80% Drone Damage)
    • Spaceship Command IV (+2% agility for Each level)
    • Energy Grid Upgrades (Skill at installing power upgrades e.g. capacitor battery and power diagnostic units. 5% reduction in CPU needs of modules requiring Energy Grid Upgrades per skill level.
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